Інше – 1540 EUR – fan-sport.com.ua – 31 Серпня 2017

Безпідставна EUR 1.5 тис.

Орфографію і пунктуацію автора скарги збережено.

I can see that your ukrain version of bookmaker FAN SPORT has a great reputation and it’s recomended but I can not agree with it. I have a negative experience in working with this bookmaker and I am obliged to send you this appeal to you before I go for serious accusations in the relevant institutions.
What’s the matter?
Surfing on the net I accidentally saw this online bookmaker and because thy have a big offer I decided to open an account with them. I did it on August 22, 2017 and made my first deposit and I started playing. After the first I made several more deposits. On 25.08. 2017 I had my first payment request of 50 euros and they without any problem and ask for any documents pay me.
But after the next payment request I was informed that the payment is not possible until I submit all the documents they requested (passport, ID card of several screenshots, even selfi with ID card and computer). Of course I sent all the documents knowing that this is a regular procedure.
But on the next day of August 27, to my big negative surprise I received a message from their security department with frapant and utterly funny content;

Good Day. We want to inform you, that our company decided to stop any collaboration with you (closing your account). This decision is based on the official Terms and Conditions point 2 subpoint 25 of the betting company Fan-Sport.
The decision has been made after careful investigation of the situation by our security service. According to the results of the investigation we have reasons to suppose that all your bets on sport events from this gaming account have been placed not by you, it violates above mentioned point of Terms and Conditions directly.
We ask you not to create new accounts in our website. Pay your attention to the moment that if you try to create new accounts, we will block them. At the same time your actions have been a violation of the above mentioned Terms and Conditions. The Decision concerning the stopping any collaboration with you is final and without appeal.

I have been in several betting sites , but I never heard of such a stupid thing. I reacted to their decision to point out their mistake, but they never replied to my email. I even offered to establish a video conference with me to personally convince In me and my identity and everything else. But they did not respond to it.They do not know anything on their live chat and say write on the secrurity department.

It’s not a problem that they closed my account the same will not cooperate with me the problem is that about this moment on my account at FANSPORT.COM.UA I have 1,540 euros that are regularly deposited money and regularly played bet.In their mail, they didnt say anything about my money and when it will be paid, with the view that they do not communicate, what is of great concern to me.
I responsibly claim that I am one of the only players in FANBET and that I have only one account at Fanbet. I am not crazy to let anyone else charge my money! I totally doubt that someone else from Macedonia has an account with them’
. They even have too much evidence to prove my identity, and what they do not answer to my call for video links point to something else.
In short, this procedure for this, as you say the recommended bookmaker, points to a classic attempt to steal players money, which is a very serious criminal act and scam on the net. For me, 1,540 euro is a lot of money and I do not intend to give up on it. Before I go to serious court procedures including the procedure before the competent authority in Ukraine, I am sending you this appeal to read it seriously and understand it and also transfer it to the FANBET website . All I want is just my 1540 euro and nothing more. I do not need a FANBET or my account there.I am confident in myself, in my identity and in my actions on my account in FANBET and I will not make someone a fool of me.
I got your site from one serious internet site I appreciate and I hope you will seriously approach the solution of this meaningless procedure from FANBET.
I am at your disposal for all information about me, documents, pictures, even a video connection
I hope for quality cooperation and a successful appeal

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